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Daisy found out about us from her friends that collaborated with us, and wanted to try her hand out having sex on our Desperate Amateurs Videos. From the start she was really excited about all of this. Daisy is a very energetic person overall so she performed some great aggressive blow jobs and wild sex for DesperateAmateurs. She was truly insatiable and loved every moment when she got penetrated. The whole video is over one hour long. Enjoy as you get to see the cute and sexy curvy babe Daisy getting herself fucked nice and hard for this whole video this fine afternoon.

She gave this guy a run for his money today, and you may think that this cutie isn’t much of a sex freak but you’d be wrong. This cute bbw babe knows how to have fun in bed and she always makes sure her guys are pleased after she cums a few times as well. Watch her having lots of fun today with the dude, and see her fucked hard style. She takes her dicking in lots of positions all over the bed today and when the two are done you can bet that they were very much pleased with each other. Have fun with this nice video and make sure you check out the past updates as well for more sexy amateurs fucking!

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Desperate Amateurs Manta Video

For this shoot Desperate Amateurs Manta was adorning a hot set of black lingerie. We used some lower light settings to allow for sensual shadows to cascade very seductively off of Manta’s luscious body. Hot sex and the soft sensuality makes this video very interesting and erotic. Even though we had some technical problems which will be seen, we just couldn’t cut those scenes out. After the forplay she laid oh her back revealing her beautiful curves and perky breasts. When she eventually climaxed she moaned in pleasure. Have fun with this video and rest assured that you will want a babe just like her after you see this.

Manta is a very cute lady, and she always loves having sex. Today in this nice little video ehre, she’s very much willing to show off just how she likes to spend the time with guys. Like we said, you get to see her talk a bit about herself, and then engage in a nice foreplay session with this stud. And as you will see, the guy makes sure to please her pussy any way he can for today as he’s determined to make her cum and orgasm. And rest assured that she did multiple times today as the fuck was simply amazing for both of them. Have fun and see you guys next week like always with some more nice scenes!

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Christy Giving a Blowjob

Desperate Amateurs Christy tried to reach the set, but she called saying she was lost. Not wanting to delay we had someone bring her here. She was set to do a hot blowjob scene with Spades today. Even though we had some lighting problems, the blowjob she preformed was perfect, and we caught it all on film. Have fun with this update from DesperateAmateurs and see you next time. Christy is one of those mature babes that you see once, and you just know that they still have a lot to teach you about sex. And Christy is all about that as she’s always happy to give a stud some more pointers on how to please women.

But in her scene today her lessons cost something in exchange. And since she enjoys sex, she also gets to show off that she has enough stamina to keep up. Watch her take the guy’s cock between her juicy lips, and see this blonde MILF as she gives the guy a blowjob that he will never forget. She made him feel like he was in heaven as she worked that big dick of his and you just need to see this babe demonstrate some amazing technique with her tongue as well. Of course you get to see her take that big dick in her pussy as well as at this point she just had to have a happy ending to all of this. Enjoy it and see you soon!

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Desperate Amateurs Devine

It’s been eight months since Desperate Amateurs Devine  was in one of our videos. This  time  is pleased to present the sexual performance of this hot girl once again. We decided to pair her with Spades. She was hesitant about it at first, regarding his young age, but as soon as the two started fondling each other her worries went away. Afterwards she stated she wasn’t expecting him to perform so good for his young age. She said that underneath that young face, which might direct to inexperience is man that knows what women want and how they want to be pleasured. Lets hope she will return again soon.

Who would say no to a fuck with the sexy and hot mature babe Devine? You’d have to be crazy to refuse this woman when she’s in the mood for a fuck as she’s going to drive you up the walls with her fuck session. Today our guy gets to see just how desperate this naughty MILF is for cock and he wasn’t disappointed. Sit back and watch this busty and curvy babe as she doesn’t give the stud’s cock a single second to rest as she just kept changing positions every now and then continuing to ride it. Enjoy seeing her ride that cock hard style and like always do come back next time for more great and hot shows!

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DesperateAmateurs – Samantha

Samantha age 27 has a hot curvy body and sweet spirit.The first time she was on a desperateamateurs  video she was nervous, but she relaxed eventually. Though it was a slow start, she eventually turned into a cougar hungry for sex. See her loosen up and ride our dude until she climaxes for this nice and fresh gallery that we have for you to see. This babe is a very cute lady and it’s good to see that she lost her nervousness in the end as well. You get to see her put on a simply exquisite performance with her her perky body and lust for cock, but enough talk as you simply must see this show by yourselves.

Like we said, the sexy babe was a bit nervous, but not to worry as this guy is a master at turning ladies on, and in this scene he made sure that she was pleased. Watch him rubbing and finger fucking that wet and tight pussy of hers as she starts to loosen up and get into the mood of things. Soon she herself goes right for his cock and this guy can’t take her off his dick. Watch the brunette cutie return the favor with one amazing blowjob, and then watch the two spend the rest of the scene with her riding on top of that big dick today. Well what can be said, all is well when it ends well. See you next week!

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Desperate Amateurs Sloan

We have another comeback for you guys this time around. Desperate Amateurs Sloan needed some quick money , but she also returned for the sheer joy of shooting another video with us. Since her last shooing with us Sloan has matured in a sensual and free spirited woman, very comfortable with her own body, and confident. And she enjoyed every moment of the fuck that commenced. Sloan is one passionate and desperateamateurs girl and she wants to show off just how much in this new and fresh gallery that we bring you of herself today. Let’s see her in action without due.

To be fair, this babe would have loved to have this sex session even if money weren’t involved in any way as she just adores having sex any time of the day. She has troubles holding on to a steady boyfriend as she always seems to demand that they fuck her lots of times. Anyway, this fine afternoon there was a guy with lots of stamina and he was sure to please this cute babe’s tight pussy. Watch her getting fucked missionary style with her legs spread open widely, and enjoy seeing her perky and playful tits jiggle as the guy fucks that cunt of hers nice and fast making her moan. Bye bye and enjoy!

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Desperate Amateurs Leia

Desperate Amateurs Leia presented herself to us to just do a blowjob scene , but in the end she ended up doing allot more. It was actually her idea. She is quite playful and imaginative and really loves sex so we just let her loose to do whatever she wanted. I think she had more fun having sex in all sorts of positions , that she thought she’d have when she arrived. Now Leia here is quite the naughty little babe. This cutie with big natural tits always gives her men the fuck of a lifetime and this lucky stud is about to learn just how hard this blonde cutie likes to fuck. So let’s get her show started today!

The cameras start to roll, and you can see this babe sucking and slurping on some serious cock that the guy offers up for her. She knows what she’s doing as she also just loves the feel that she gets when guys get big while she sucks them off. Watch the babe presenting the guy with her tight and wet cunt after she has him nice and hard for the next part. Sit back and watch her bending over as this time she’d fancy taking herself a nice and hard doggie style fucking. That’s about it for this one guys, so just sit back and enjoy watching this babe take her nice and hard doggie style fuck just for your enjoyment and hers!

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JuJu Gets Her First Creampie

We had Juju come down to our set to try and help her experience her first orgasm. Once at the desperate amateurs set she was allot of fun and energetic. After receiving a relaxing massage everything went fine and the two cocks she had available to play with made her day. The scene ended with a happy end and a creampie for this cute brunette babe, and like always you guys get to see it all only here. So let’s watch this cutie getting her sexy body treated nicely by two guys today and enjoy seeing this sexy little babe as she gets to have as much fun as she wants.

The scene starts with the babe working on those two dicks with a passion and as you can see she’s very much in the mood to get things started. See her do a nice and sexy double blowjob for starters as she wants the guys nice and hard for her pussy, and enjoy as she then gets to spread her long and sexy legs for the two. The guys go out of their way to please her today, and you get to see them taking turns at pleasing that naughty little pussy until this babe orgasmed. Rest assured that she loved every minute of this scene and maybe you’ll get to see her again in the future!

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DesperateAmateurs – Angie

Just because you requested it DesperateAmateurs Angie is back. At your request she answered some of your questions this time around, but a few she felt were kind of invasive, so we just gave her the paper to answer what she was comfortable with. After the short interview it was time for the banging to get going, so our guy started with a massage. Soon enough he slid his fingers in her pussy and started fingering her. Since this is her second time with Desperate Amateurs she knew how things get down. She took control and mounted his cock riding it like a pro. When our dude’s balls were aching for release, she had him spread his load all over her hot body.

Well we know that you must be really eager to see this sexy scene go down and rest assured it’s well worth your while to check it out for today. This cute babe is in for one amazing pleasing session as this guy will be taking care of her wet cunt. She said that she rarely gets to experience orgasms, and this guy wanted to give her a nice and special treatment today that she won’t soon forget. So watch as he gets to kiss her all over the place while he works his masterful hand down to her sweet pussy. Enjoy as you get to see this cutie getting her pussy fingered until she orgasms and cums today. And that happens lots of times until she’s happy with it!

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Desperate Amateurs Shayla

Our very own Desperate Amateurs Shayla referred her best friend Tatiana to us. Being best friends since high school, the two have a habit of sharing all sorts of things, from new clothes to guys. And you can be sure the same can be said about the guys’ cocks. As soon as they entered the set they started giving head to the guy we had there. See how they share a big dick at and drain the poor dude dry. This amateurs are unstoppable when they set their sights on something. And since this guy had his cock all nice and ready for them it was easy for our sexy and cute babes to just rush for it today. Well let’s just watch them get to work on it for this evening shall we?

The scene starts off and the two hotties sure have this scene in the bag with the guy. Sit back and watch them do what they can to have fun with the stud today. Sit back and watch these two hot and horny cuties as they take the dude’s pants off to reveal his big and hard cock to the cameras this fine afternoon. You get to see them go straight for it as they start giving him a nice and proper double blowjob that he won’t soon forget. So just sit back and watch the cuties suck and slurp on that big cock with a big hunger for this whole scene everyone and enjoy this hot sex show.

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